#105     Jun 23     06:15          Motor Vehicle Accident

Rescue 15 responded to Interstate 380N for a two car motor vehicle crash. Moscow EMS also responded. Rescue crew established a blocking position and scene safety operations.

#95     Jun 02     16:07          Motor Vehicle Accident

Rescue 15 responded to Interstate 84 (ROARING BOOK) for a two vehicle crash, reported to be a van rolled over onto another car. Chief 15 on scene reported no entrapment, one patient with 3 refusals. Moscow EMS and Penn Ambulance ALS also responded.

#103     Jun 18     21:01          Activated Residential Alarm

Station 15 was dispatched to Marlesa Place (ROARING BROOK) for an activated alarm, which turned out to be an accidental trip. All units returned to service.​​

#98     Jun 05     23:04          Tree on Roadway

Rescue 15 responded to Blue Shutters Road (ROARING BROOK) for a tree blocking the roadway. Rescue crew used chainsaw & blower to cut and clear the roadway.

#92     May 20     08:40          Tanker SRN at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre International Airport

​Tanker 15 was dispatched as part of the annual drill at the airport. All tankers were advised to standby at station until released.   

​#91     May 19     09:35          Motor Vehicle Accident

​Rescue 15 was dispatched for a report of a car in the ditch, overturned, on Interstate 84 (ROARING BROOK). Chief 15 arrived on scene to find the occupant self-extricated and not injured. Rescue 15 was placed back into service.    

#106     Jun 23     14:13          Mutual Aid

Engine 15 was dispatched to Church Street (MOSCOW) for an activated fire alarm. Command 7 determined it was caused by construction work and canceled all units.

​#93     May 31     13:21          Motor Vehicle Accident

​Rescue 15 responded to Route 435 (ELMHURST) for a one car crash into the guiderail. Moscow EMS transported to the hospital.

#96     Jun 04     15:50          Activated Alarm

Engine 15 responded to Jomar Drive (ROARING BROOK) for an activated fire alarm. Chief 15 on scene reported a cooking incident and returned all departments to service.

​#100    Jun 10     12:53         Trees on Roadway

​Sta. 15 crews responded to Gardner Road (ROARING BROOK) for 2 trees fallen across the roadway. The hazard was removed.

#109     Jun 28     09:11          Motorcycle crash

Rescue 15 resonded to Blue Shutters Road (ROARING BROOK)  for a report of a motorcycle crash. R15 crew established a safe zone while Ambulance 7-8 transported the rider to the hospital.

#108     Jun 25     00:21     Motor Vehicle Crash

Rescue 15 responded to Route 307, near Williams Dam) for a vehicle crash. Moscow EMS resonded along with ALS units and transported victims.

#104     Jun 23     02:34          Mutual Aid

Rescue 15 was dispatched to Church Street (MOSCOW) for a report of an overturned vehicle. Before responding, Command 7 canceled our Rescue and reported no driver was in the area.

#97     Jun 05     16:45          Mutual Aid

Engine and Tanker 15 responded to Victoria Circle (JEFFERSON) for an activated residential alarm. While enroute, Command 29 canceled all units.


#89     May 16     18:59          Mutual Aid Tanker Drill
Station 15 hosted a simulated structure box "tanker drill" at St. Eulalia's Church (ROARING BROOK).

​#90     May 17     16:36          Grass/Hay Fire

​Engine, Rescue, and Tanker 15 responded to Interstate 84 (ROARING BROOK) for a report of a dump truck loaded with hay, on fire. Dunmore Fire was also dispatched, but later canceled.

​Upon arrival the driver had dumped the load of hay on the roadway shoulder. Ambulance 7-9 responded to the scene and assisted the Station 15 units in extinguishing the fire. Class A foam was applied.    

​#102    Jun 11     14:25          Mutual Aid

​Engine 15 responded, but was canceled enroute, to Golden Pond Road in SPRINGBROOK.  This was an accidental residential alarm.

#107     Jun 24     00:07          Mutual Aid

Tanker 15 responded to Interstate 84N (DUNMORE) to provide water for a vehicle crash over the embankment, on fire.          

​#99     Jun 09     23:01          Mutual Aid

​Engine & Tanker dispatched to assist Sta. 53 (SPRINGBROOK) on Petrosky Drive for an activated alarm. Command 53 returned all companies while he investigated an accidental alarm.

#94     Jun 02     03:41          Animal Rescue

Rescue 15 was dispatched to Blue Shutters Road for a report of a dog who fell into a well, with about 8 feet of water. While the crew was assembling, the owners called back to say they had retrieved the dog. 

​#101    Jun 10     17:51          Mutual Aid

​Rescue 15 was placed on Standby by Sta. 7 while their crews assisted Sta. 53 (SPRINGBROOK) at a motor vehicle accident on Route 307

#110     Jun 28     10:13          Mutual Aid

Engine 15 and Chief15 were dispatched for a report of an activated alarm at N.Main Street (MOSCOW). First arriving officer reported nothing showing from the exterior. A proper passcode from the business reported an accidental activation caused by cooking. All units returned to service.