Engine 15   
2006 Pierce Contender

400 HP Cummins Engine, 1500 gpm Waterous Pump, 1250 Gallons of Water Capacity, and Seating Capacity for 8 Firefighters.  
Responds as part of the Lackawanna County Decon Team.

Brush 15
1986 Chevrolet with RKO skid tank, 1" Booster Reel and pump.
Seating for 3 firefighters and equipped with a full complement of Wildland Firefighting equipment.

Off Road ATV and Rescue Trailer
The members of station 15 placed into service an off road rescue trailer to be used to transport hikers, hunters, ATV riders or any other injured person to an ambulance.  We would like to thank Kramers Pressure Washing for helping us build this. 

Tanker 15 
2011 Kenworth built by 4 Guys. carries 3000 Gallons of water. 
Seating Capacity for 2 Firefighters, Portable Pond holds 3000 gallons, and fully equipped with NFPA compliant firefighting equipment.

Rescue 15
2007 Pierce Enforcer

400 HP Cummins Engine, 1500 gpm Waterous Pump, 500 Gallon Water Capacity, Genesis Hydraulic Rescue Equipment, Seating Capacity for 8 Firefighters